A muppet death metal special.

Original Video made by me. The song is Cryptopsy – Mutant Christ Thisvideo conforms to youtube’s terms of service regarding parody and fair use. The contents of this video are for parody entertainment purposes only and it falls under all fair use guidelines that youtube cites in their policy.

25 responses to “A muppet death metal special.”

  1. Imgayboybrandon says:

    Dude that song sounds like skinless alot lol

  2. CodyRicheson says:

    I’m sorry, but the editing here is very poor and awkward. 2 million plus views? It’s sub-par.

  3. diebox14 says:

    good video

  4. aaronnort says:

    your killing me

  5. anonvscos says:

    Good day to all of my fellow Christians, firstly my apology for being out of topic. I came here to remind you people that the judgment day has started already. Please depart from cursing, smoking, violent entertainment, fornication, occultism, and for watching pornography etc. lest you be found not worthy to inter the kingdom of God in the Day of Execution.

  6. t3hdewd says:

    Pfahaha! You are so fanatic and brainwashed. Cursing, being attracted by the opposite sex, being envious, expressing anger is what people are made of. Go tell mother nature about your “God” and the sanity of his “rules”. Call me when he responds you.

  7. mista123420 says:

    they’re from the same show tho!……..they should of had big bird pecking the drums tho lol ;) ))

  8. Guitars0fWar says:

    fuck you motherfucker i smoke a blunt everyday motherfucker i rape puppies everyday as well i like to jack my dick off to porn bitch!

  9. WhenRainXHidesTears says:

    lol it’s scaring me!

  10. S3lvah says:

    It’s decent, which is enough…

  11. CodyRicheson says:

    What’s decent about it? At no point in the video does the music fit with the visuals.

  12. LPJeetkunedo says:


  13. anuarnx93 says:

    jajaj this is the best video i have ever seen

  14. squirrelywrath66 says:

    exactly..thats why its funny

  15. xSLICKSLIDEx says:

    your shittin me right?

  16. 6FILTHfan6 says:

    thats pretty scary

  17. ixluvxmattxtuck says:

    lmao i like the muppet thats drumming

  18. SilencesAway says:

    Love it !!! 5/5

  19. chubzX8 says:

    why the hell did you have to go and ruin the muppets for me? i love metal and shit but like the muppets? cmon man for real……

  20. bart123levo says:

    hey man i know u have personal feelings but its for entertainment! no put downs
    i sounds funny too ;)
    stay cool!

  21. bart123levo says:


  22. AirThief says:

    deth metal sucks.,.. but this is hilarious!!!!!! mucho props to the maker!

  23. thelessworld says:

    long live death metal :D

  24. PunkRockSucksAss says:

    hashahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahahhahaha lolololololololololololololololol roflmaooolololol!

  25. metalph says:

    overseeeeng my rest, my lust, my life……..
    great song

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