AC/DC – Black Ice Reviews

Black Ice (Deluxe Edition)

Black Ice is AC/DC’s first studio album in over eight years, since 2000’s Stiff Upper Lip. Deluxe edition includes 30-page booklet with lyrics and exclusive photos.
Track listing:
1. Rock N’ Roll Train
2. Skies on Fire
3. Big Jack
4. Anything Goes
5. War Machine
6. Smash N’ Grab
7. Spoilin’ For A Fight
8. Wheels
9. Decibel
10. Stormy May Day
11. She Likes Rock N’ Roll
12. Money Made
13. Rock N’ Roll Dream
14. Rocking All the Way
15. Black Ice


8 responses to “AC/DC – Black Ice Reviews”

  1. Zuriel says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    ac/dc black ice
    the cd was excellent it lives up to the quality of music that the group had done in the past.i would recommend this to anybody .it is a very good addition to my music collection

  2. Abbie says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    I’ve got riffs I don’t need anymore
    Can I send it to you to get them recycled?
    Angus: Sure!
    And it took them eight years to just bring us some more unoriginality and…

  3. Uday says:

    This CD is awesome! What can I say? Each track is a gift from the gods of rock! 3. This is my favorite album (my first two For Those About to Rock and Back in Black) AC / DC. AC / DC never changed their sound and this is the reason why so many fans. With all these new age “music” AC / DC not only change their style to it. You say screw society “music.” This CD is about as good as the music industry is gonna produce for God knows how long so do not miss out! BUY BLACK ICE!

  4. Anonymous says:

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Over produced and too mixed
    This album is over produced and over mixed. Every track sounds almost exactly the same. There doesn’t seem to be any separation in instrument volume throughout.

  5. Ulla says:

    Any diehard AC / DC fan should love this album. This issue is also due to the special information booklet included. There are a few, not many, but a few new guitar riffs on this album, but the bands signature is still intact. AC / DC is one of the few bands that have a consistency in their music. An example: Every song on this album, you will automatically know that you hear AC / DC. They prove that even though they are getting older their songwriting skills, music and singing skills are still awesome. The video for “Rock N Roll Train” shows Brian Johnson gettng down, as he in former times, and Angus is still just lovin what he does best. Malcolm still has the touch, and they blend perfectly with each other. The quintessence is, AC / DC still rocks, and they talk about life as it really is not how most people perceive it as. Rock on!

  6. Heloise says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars

  7. Jaeger says:

    It is eight years since we last heard a new album of AC / DC, and seven years since we heard a new song from them. Only God knows why it took so long to them in a new album, Black Ice, but here is finite. And they do not disappoint at all ….
      Black Ice opens with Rock 'n Roll Train – the song that we all have heard since August (and not even realize was new for a few weeks). It is a beautiful, strong opening is made in the classic AC / DC-style. But progress you will hear the tape a bit deep into the blues in the footsteps Skies on Fire, Stormy May Day and Rock 'n Roll Dream. Of course, between these tracks, you hear a lot of classic AC / DC – some of which sounds like a hail back to the Bon Scott days, sounds like some of the lesser tracks on Back in Black, and the rest just sounds like the AC / DC, we all expect. Pretty good stuff, but then you hear the last track – that everything I say is WOW!, It is truly one of the best song AC / DC ever in its 30-something year career.
      until the last track, this album will keep you entertained and satisfied. The only complaint is that at one point seems to drag on a bit (after all, there is a 15 track album), but it is worth everything.
      Favorite Tracks:
      Rock 'n Roll Train
      Skies on Fire
      Big Jack
      Anything Goes
      War Machine
      Stormy May Day
      Rock 'n Roll Dream
      Black Ice

  8. Jennie says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    all of this cd is great, only acdc can get away with what they do , repeating lyrics over n over , lol, awesome! , you just let this whole cd play ….loud!

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