AC/DC – Blow Up Your Video Reviews

Blow Up Your Video

Digitally remastered European vinyl LP pressing of this 1988 release from the Australian Hard Rockers, reissued to coincide with their 2008 studio release and world tour. 10 tracks. Sony/BMG.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    This is actually a pretty good album , though not one of their best it still features some pretty good songs like (Heatseaker) and (Thats the way i wanna Rock n’ Roll) and more ,…

  2. Anise says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This song helped me learn guitar at the age of eight.from the wordsl next Eddie Van Halen.This man is Angus young. this is a great album.

  3. Addie says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    AC/DC Coming Back From The Dead
    Througout the mid 80s AC/DC wasnt really the biggest band in the world but 1988’s Blow Up Your Video signals the band coming back too life.

  4. Mhina says:

    The great thing about AC / DC is that you know exactly what you get when you buy it. Their formula is simple, crunchy riffs, crazy solos from Angus, Brian (or Scott) are shedding their throats, a long choirs sing, and a lower end that your kick (…).
      Blow Up Your Video is no different. Sure, some songs are better than others, and there is better AC / DC albums than this (Back in Black, Highway to Hell), but the formula is still there. AC / DC always, to their weapons. If a large proportion of our favorite bands have been in La La Land and released really bizarre stuff, AC / DC were anchored around us. You can never be a session on MTV Unplugged, or release of a “concept” album, but I do not think AC / DC fans want them to. When it comes to Rock n Roll, AC / DC are meat and potatoes, and it is not wrong, nothing.
      favorite songs on this album: Heatseeker, which is the way I would like to Rock n Roll, Meanstreak, Some Sin for Nuthin, and Go-Zone.

  5. Xena says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Their last consistent album
    AC/DC’s 1988 album, Blow Up Your Video, is one of the better albums to feature vocalist Brian Johnson and was sort of a comeback after the uneven Fly on the Wall.

  6. Wind says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    I Like This Better Than Razors Edge
    I’m not sure why this album gets lumped in with the other post Back in Black 80’s albums. To me, this is their best album since Back in Black.

  7. Anonymous says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    That’s the way I wanna rock
    This is a great album! The first 3 songs on the album “Heatseeker”, “That’s the way I wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Meanstreak” are songs that will get anyone tapping their feet…

  8. Prosper says:

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    This album Blows up in the cd player
    AC/DC blows out another crapfest album with 2 good songs. Thats their trademark now. Probally why it tkes them 10 years to making an album!

  9. Fannie says:

    Once again, AC / DC is another fine album. Great tunes here in the tradition of previous AC / DC albums. With “Blow Up Your Video”, you get a good example of how AC / DC keep it all real. You are not with what was current, they do not buy into the hype of the fashion and advertising. you only have a desire to rock, and the will, and geuis to do. Although not as good as the other 80's albums (Black. .. For Those … Switch …) it is better than “Fly On The Wall” (although a pretty good album.) Of all the 10 songs, the best would be “Heatseeker” “That's The Way I Want to Rock N Roll”, “Some Sin for Nuthin '”, “Ruff Stuff” and “Meanstreak” ;. “Meanstreak” have an undeniable funk, and you can not help, but something either tap or bobbing in time to beat it. “Some Sin …” is a slow burning number with a good hook, and the classic rock feel and a pinch of R & B. ” Heatseeker, “a live-show staples, just rock out. With the twelve-bar blues structure, and all is well …. “That's The Way …” is again a fast rocker with a kick and bite them, and appreciates the good old days of rock. (An add for Chevy cars used a clip of this song that mentions a Chevy in a magazine once.) “Ruff Stuff” is a pure, all-out connector firmly . (as in the brochure). With a good melodic tones, and an equally melodic hooky riff, this song is one of the best, and has a somewhat “different” sound for AC / DC. And the others are good, too. If you only buy two albums from the new series of Re-master for this, and my personal favorite, “Flick Of The Switch”. You will be happy to go home, and have these songs stuck in your head for quite a while (but that's a good thing, it is not …)

  10. Estralita says:

    Blow Up Your Video is one of my favorite AC / DC albums, as almost all of the songs here are incredibly catchy and AC / DC a new, innovative feel.
      1.Heatseeker-One of the albums' hit, this song holds the optimistic Rock pace the whole time. 8 / 10
      2.That 's The Way I Want to Rock' n 'Roll-One of my favorites, because the chorus is catchy and the fast beat never stops. 9 / 10
      3.Meanstreak-One of AC / DC 's catchiest songs. The guitar in the verses is awesome. 10/10
      4.Go Zone A solid rock songs that do not disappoint. 8 / 10
      5.Kissin 'Dynamite, I love the guitar riff during the verses and the chorus. Just a great song. 8 / 10
      6.Nick Of Time-One of my favorite songs, because the chorus sounds innovative and catchy. 9 / 10
      7.Some sin for Nuthin'-one of the few songs on this album that is not really a standout track. 7 / 10
      8.Ruff Stuff-sexually-charged in the lyrics of these songs a good beat. 8 / 10
      9.Two 's Up Sort of ominous song, but very catchy yet. 9 / 10
      10.This means war one of the two songs on this album that are not really that good. It's fast, but repetitive. 7 / 10
      This album is surprisingly at the Great with “Back In Black” and “Highway To Hell”. It is now for sale.

  11. Gisli says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Half and Half
    AC/DC’s 1988 release, “Blow up Your Video” is a bit better then “Fly on the Wall” but its not much of an improvement, as half of the songs 10tracks and good, and half are just…

  12. Osvaldo says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Much better than I expected… surprising good!
    If you like good heavy blues rock buy Blow up your video. Back in Black is better but this is still very good. Three songs are 3 stars …

  13. Oran says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Under Rated Album AC/DC’s Blow Up Your Video
    First off this is a good album all the tracks rock hard on it i am going to do a reveiw for each track,

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