Aerosmith – O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits Reviews

O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits

Over a remarkable 30 years, Aerosmith has delivered near-perfect hybrids of rock and balladry, converting generations of listeners into devout fanatics. O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits drives chronologically through 30 of their best songs, providing a tour of the construction process. And what a process! Listen to “Mama Kin” and you might not recognize Aerosmith at all–here is a young Tyler, before finding his distinctive gritty wail, fronting a simple blues-bar band. But the phe (more…)

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  1. Laine says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Happy Camper
    I have always been a huge fan of Aerosmith’s music. I enjoy many of their song’s but like many other artists, those songs tend to be found on so many different CDs.

  2. Africa says:

    What a waste. Columbia / Sony could have compiled 2 discs worth of all the great songs from Aerosmith the first seven studio albums and paired with stuff from “Nine Lives” and “Just Push Play” and “Armageddon” soundtrack (all on Columbia / Sony label), and by that against Geffen of “Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology”, you would have four CD's worth of really ALL Aerosmith Hits. But Columbia was a policeman and partner with Geffen, the label responsible for navigating the band triumphant end-80's comeback, shoehorn, in the usual number of hits that are already on the “Big Ones” and “Young Lust” . So instead of the “Ultimate” collection, you are left with the multitude of missing title: “Toys in the Attic,” “No More, No More,” “You See Me Crying” ” ; Train Kept A-Rollin ' “Sick as a Dog,” “Lightning Strikes,” “Kings and Queens,” “Come Together,” “Remember (Walking In The Sand)”, “What Kind Of Love Are You On, “” Hole In My Soul, “” Fly Away From Here “, etc. If you want to be as close as possible to collect all Aerosmith Hits without that all of the original albums , pick up “Greatest Hits”, “gems” and “Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology”. The latter collects pretty much everything you require from their Geffen years, and the first two are decent overview of the first six classic albums (severely edited versions of “Same Old Song And Dance,” “Sweet Emotion” and “Kings and Queens “aside). Me personally – I've just received all the studio albums.

  3. Shoshana says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Next to the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith is the best. This double CD is a great collection of their music. Any Steve Tyler fan would love to have this in his/her collection. Enjoy!

  4. Damita says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great mix of old and new Aerosmith
    I like that one CD gives you all the great older sounds of Aerosmith
    , and the other CD contains a lot of their newer hits. I especially like that “Big 10 Inch” is on it! Killer!

  5. Gurit says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Aerosmith’s Best
    This CD is great – it has all the goodies – if you like Aerosmith you will love this double CD!

  6. Istas says:

    I think everyone who lives in America and has a radio or television has heard Aerosmith song, it is impossible not to close it. Like many, I knew of a handful of catchy, rocking songs from classic rock radio and MP3 downloads. I was also somewhat confused as to why not one retrospective had songs from their first and last days to him, then I found out it was for them to change labels in the mid 80s. This is the only Aerosmith compilation feature songs from their Columbia and Geffen days, and it makes a great buy for people who are interested in their back catalog, or just want the famous radio hits. An experienced Aerosmith fans may want this for the bonus tracks, the Run DMC version of “Walk This Way” and the two new songs, the single, “Girls Of Summer” and the ballad ” , Lay It Down. This is also the only one from the movie Armageddon, “I Do not Want To Miss A Thing”. A diehard perhaps even the soundtrack for this song or even the Run DMC cd too, but they are always nice to have with other Aerosmith material. The remastered sound is loud and clear, a clear and for music lovers. The only glaring error I see off-hand are the omissions of the popular 'Eat The Rich “,” Toys in the Attic “and the cover of” Come Together “songs even a beginner like me has heard on the radio. The latter two on the European import of this compilation, but unfortunately you have to pay that European import price. Why the domestic release left those two songs for me. Apart from these minor negatives, this is the definitive Aerosmith compilation for beginners in America's ultimate rock 'n roll band.

  7. Jaetyn says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Love Aerosmith
    Every since I watched the movie Armageden, I love Aerosmith. Great group and great songs.

  8. Page says:

    O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits, which in July 2002, is a compilation of Aerosmith.
      Aerosmith is without a doubt, “America's Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Band.” There are many other great classic rock bands, but they were from different countries. Pink Floyd (England), Led Zeppelin (England), Queen (England), The Beatles (England), The Rolling Stones (England), and Rush (Canada). Do we see a pattern here? There are many legendary classic rock bands from England. So Aerosmith is not the best ever, only in America.
      Kicking off this album is “Mama Kin” and “Dream On”, both of Aerosmith's debut album, “Aerosmith.” I'm always happy to see “Mama Kin” on the compilation, because it is an excellent song. “Dream On” is also here, but it is no surprise, since it is one of Aerosmith's five songs of all time.
      from “Get Your Wings” are the songs “Same Old Song And Dance” and “Seasons Of Wither.” This is the full version of “Same Old Song And Dance” and not the heavily edited copy on “Aerosmith's Greatest Hits.” (Note: I will bash Aerosmith's Greatest Hits, because she has big problems editing.) “Seasons Of Wither” is a nice song, but not the second best song on “Get Your Wings”. “Train Kept A Rollin 'is that the title, but it is not here. Why? Who knows? It is an excellent cover, but it is not “O, Yeah!”.
      “Walk This Way”, “Big Ten Inch Record” and “Sweet Emotion” are the songs from Aerosmith's best album “Toys in the Attic.” This is the complete, four-and-a-minute version of “Sweet Emotion” and not the edited version of Aerosmith's Greatest Hits. Two excellent songs missing “Toys in the Attic” are “No More No More” and “Toys in the Attic.” It's nice to see, “Big Ten Inch Record Aerosmith on a compilation, but” Toys in the Attic “would be the better choice.
      from the album “Rocks”, the song “Last Child” and “Back In The Saddle”. “Back In The Saddle” is one of the best songs from Aerosmith, along with “Last Child”. But where the “rats in the basement,” one of Aerosmith's most underrated gems?
      “Draw The Line” is the only song on “O, Yeah!” from the album “Draw The Line”. “Draw The Line” has a great riff, and it is a very catchy songs. But where in the world is “Kings and Queens”. It is just another jewel is missing, not the one for “O, Yeah!”.
      now skips the creation of three albums, “Night In The Ruts”, “Rock In A Hard Place” and “Done with mirrors.” These are definitely not the best Aerosmith albums, but they still had a few good songs. Songs like “Remember (Walking In The Sand)”, “Jailbait” and “Let The Music Do The Talking”. It is not a big disappointment, but they should at least the “Remember (Walking In The Sand)” to “O, Yeah!”.
      “Permanent Vacation” Aerosmith began returning to the spotlight, with songs such as “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)”, “Angel” and “Rag Doll”. All three of these songs deserve to be here. “Permanent Vacation” would have been nice, but it's no big deal. “Angel” by Aerosmith was the first great ballad, and they had a lot more ballads in the album to come.
      Next we come to one of my personal favorite, “Pump”. There is just one of those albums where every song is very good. The average for “O, Yeah!” Are “Janie's Got A Gun”, “Love In An Elevator,” “What It Takes” and “The Other Side”. Other outstanding songs on Pump, do not make the “Young Lust”, “fine” and “Monkey On My Back '. No big disappointment about the songs not to cut.
      now on the so-called ballad album, “Get A Grip”. The album is not all ballads, there are still rock songs, but they are not as well known as the ballads. The songs from “Get A Grip” and “Livin 'On The Edge”, “Cryin” “Amazing” and “Crazy.” All but “Livin 'On The Edge” are ballads. The non-ballad songs that do not make O, Yeah! were “Eat The Rich”, “Fever” and “Walk On Down”.
      from the album “The Beavis and Butt-Head Experience” comes the song “Deuces Are Wild”.
      “Falling In Love” and “Pink” from “Nine Lives”, making their way to O, Yeah. “Falling in Love” was a good choice, but I would prefer “Hole In My Soul” on “Pink”.
      next, from the “Armageddon Soundtrack” is Aerosmith only Billboard Hot 100 number one hit, “I Do not Want To Miss A Thing”. This is easily one of my favorite Aerosmith songs of all time, and it deserves to be here with other Aerosmith classics.
      from their 2001 album “Just Push Play,” two songs, “Jaded” and “Just Push Play”. “Just Push Play” is one of the worst albums of all time, and these two songs are no exceptions.
      To close the album, you have two bonus tracks and a rap version of “Walk This Way”. That is terrible. Rap and Aerosmith just not together. It was a good idea of the song in the first place, let him on an Aerosmith Greatest Hits compilation. The bonus tracks are full songs, and nothing more than enthusiastic.
      At the end you get an Aerosmith compilation loaded with 30 unedited songs, for a retail price of under $ 20. This is not a bad deal, it is taking into account the best Aerosmith compilation there. I'll check with a list of the missing songs and a list of Aerosmith albums, a collection with.
      Missing Songs:
      1st Train kept Rollin '
      2nd Toys in the Attic
      3rd No More No More
      4th Rats in the Cellar
      5th Kings and queens
      6th Remember (Walking In The Sand)
      7th Permanent Vacation
      8th Monkey On My Back
      9th Eat The Rich
      10th Fever
      11th Hole In My Soul
      Six albums Aerosmith Every fan must have:
      1st Get Your Wings
      2nd Toys in the Attic
      3rd Rocks
      4th Pump
      5th Get A Grip
      6th A Little South Of Sanity (Two-disc live album)

  9. Kaelin says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Back to Back Aerosmith!
    I have been lately resorting and rebuilding my musical collection. I realized i only had a few of Aerosmith’s CD’s. Not to mention that they are all scratched up and old.

  10. Linh says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A great 2 CD cross-licencing sampling of Aerosmith’s best!!! OH YEAH!!!
    This is a great Aerosmith 2 cd hits package,cross licencing from different labels gives us a nice career spanning collection!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    This one has Dream On
    This is a great CD to have for the variety of hits. Many of the “Best of” collections are missing a few songs because Aerosmith jumped around between recording companies.

  12. Anonymous says:

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Unremarkable drivel from a bunch of has-beens
    Aerosmiths music stopped being relevant after “Draw the Line”, perhaps before that… everything since has been AOR pop drool!!! What’s this???

  13. Oratilwe says:

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Not A True Best Of…..3.5 stars
    This is not a bad collection of songs by any means. My problem lies in what is absent. There is a WHOLE LOT missing from Aerosmith’s 70’s heyday.

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