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10,000 Days

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  • I always admired Tool for their vision and style, but until now, I never really appreciated them. Their technical perfection and creative style has never been as apparent to me as now. Some of the criticisms seem to be centered on the idea that the songs are long (wtf?) or aren’t catchy jingles — what is wrong with these critics? The title track is one of the most stellar works of music I’ve ever heard — an affirmation of self-realization and a heartbreaking homage to his mother in her 27 year (10,000 day) paralysis and her eventual death. It captures imagery from mythology, religion, psychology and modern poetry to evoke the image of someone claiming their place in the universe.

    I have to wonder if some of these folks are even listening to the right album. Your preference is your preference, but the repeated cries of “not like the old Tool” are pathetisad, and “too long” and “who has the time” as mental laziness. This album has blown away everything else released this year, and not just because it’s Tool, but because it’s beautiful.
    I don’t like everything they produce, and was pretty much disinterested in Lateralus…so you sheep who are blindly crying sheep based off what someone else likes should drown yourselves.

    Posted on January 26, 2010