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100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong

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  • Made in USA in 2004, Serial# B0003543-00, Playing Time 224:03

    I must admit from the very beginning that I’m not an un-conditional BON JOVI fan… There are songs I found extremely interesting (for example, “Raise Your Hands”), while others have a soporific effect (for example, “Wanted Dead Or Alive”). So I wouldn’t say BON JOVI is the “best band in the world” (I actually find those types of remarks nauseating…)

    I’m also not particularly fond of box sets, especially since fans (and/or myself) have the bulk of the material anyway! One must typically spend some hard-earned dollars for 2 or 3 “leftover” tracks of average interest/quality.

    Lo and behold, this BON JOVI boxset is the HOLY GRAIL of boxsets; I take back everything I ever said about box sets: this one is THE exception to the rule!!! Putting aside the fact that the DVD is quite original and interesting (and about an hour long!), ALMOST every track here is previously unreleased. Unpolished demos, you say? NOT! Many (and I mean most) are of album production quality, and VERY enjoyable.

    Though I was worried at first (I knew this was NOT a ‘greatest hits’ type boxset), I thought the material would be weak (my subconscious was hearing someone scraping the bottom of a barrel…)

    To anyone looking for a Christmas present to a BON JOVI fan, this is IT.

    This set will hopefully “raise the bar” to any other band thinking about releasing a boxset; this one is NOT intended to simply cash-in on previously released stuff: it’s almost 4 hours of full compositions, like buying 4 new albums!!!


    Posted on January 22, 2010