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  • This album is a real pleasure to listen to. Each song is almost a journey in itself. You will forget that you are listening to the same song because of the regular tempo changes and symphonic interludes. Then just as you are getting relaxed, Valfar comes back in with his intense harsh vocals. The drums are tight, and the guitar is incredible. The Spiritlord is one of my favorites. The riff is awesome and they don’t just keep overdoing the same riff over and over. All of the songs flow without ever sounding like the average over dramatic symphonic viking sound. A lot of the songs breakdown into an intense but almost mesmerizing symphonic interludes like in Heidra and Journey to the End. I have read that this was the turning album for Windir, as they moved farther away from symphonic and closer to viking, but I think it is the perfect blend. Now my most favorite, original viking metal band.

    Posted on December 26, 2009