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  • TODESWALZER -WINDIR- 1184 – lyric “Dying with sorrow not in hand Welcoming my gods, an equal i am. A travel awaits before me, Encircled as a god, dead as a man. An Era has now ended But a new era will come, While my destiny fulfills itself, I glance at the world with wisdom from the end.
    My efforts will now be rewarded, As i enter kingdom come. My hate will now get fatal For those that disapproved me once.
    With my misanthropic theses soon brought to life I’ll see a definite end for week, feeble minds.. As i die I’ll go further Further than any other man, To obtain powers and wisdom As a god from the other end. My death will be revenged with fury of the damned, my eternal life will be praised by the gods at the end.”

    Lyrics like this just kills me – in a good way of course- his philosophy his vision in words and in music, but when i heard the song along with it i felt this feeling ive never felt that just grabbed me and shook me…. its the power of windir… bitter cold stabbing the atmosphere with sheer black madness and the bombastic stomping of drums just fills the air with a magic spell that casts you with ideologic formations/imaginations and soothing vibes…. a FOLKLORE/BLACK METAL band not viking in my opinion
    -well thats what i felt hope you enjoy this cd its ONE OF A KIND that copy no one a genre to be followed certaintly….you gotta hear it to believe it…. a great experience!!

    Posted on December 26, 2009