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  • I, first want to say that I agree with the well-written review by A. Stutheit “andreaabs” Littleton, CO USA. I would recommend reading his thoughts for this albums strengths and short-comings.

    I appreciate the fact that Chris Barnes is keeping the music straight-forward, no gimmicks. I can also understand Barnes “cookie monster” vocals, because he is articulating more these last few releases. I also enjoy that Six Feet Under recognizes who they are and what they do best. Six Feet Under is simply brutal and heavy, something a fan of this genre might expect.

    It is refreshing to hear an artist make an album that they want and not what the record label and critics expect/demand. This makes Six Feet Under one of the few bands that have no regrets with their finished product. You as a fan have a choice to either appreciate and enjoy this album, or criticize and reject it. I am enjoying this latest up-tempo release and look forward (soon) to see what they are passionate about next year. My only complaint is that the album is only ~36 minutes long, when you are a fan and wait for new material you always want more….. `enuff said

    Posted on December 31, 2009