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  • Good death metal album, but
    The songs are great, very catchy death metal. Dark, and grungy death, I like Chris’ lyrics, and his growls. It’s a great album musically, but I do have some MINOR problems with it. I didn’t start liking this band until their bringer of blood album. As a matter of fact, I’m one of the few 6fu fans who actually liked their BOB album, I actually thought it was their best album to date. I don’t care what anyone says about that album, it rocked! Anyway, I soon got into older SFU (warpath, maximum violence) I even bought their 2 DVD’s. With that said, I think this album is awesome, its just not as good as BOB, but not too many will share my opinion on that. I miss lines like “you were so ugly you deserved to die” BOB just made me laugh more. With that aside, there is a couple other minor complaints I have that at least others may agree with me on. One, is the sound production. Its not so hot, it’s a pinch muffled. I bought a cradle of filth album the same day I bough this, after listening to SFU, I popped in COF and had to turn my CD player way down. The volume was insanely louder than the SFU. So its not the best production on a cd in the world. The last complaint is the album is short….It will leave you wanting more, why not have 13 songs for the album named 13? ….anyway 6fu 420 !!! they kick a$$, contrary to what some say and I like A LOT of death metal bands.

    Posted on January 1, 2010