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14 Shades of Grey

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  • Personally I think this album is a major success and barely surpasses break the cycle. So what if it’s not as hard, or the tunes aren’t as catchy as 2 certain main btc singles which is probably all you’ve heard… That’s not what matters in this case. Staind have done the hardcore thing. It’s well known that as bands evolve they tend to explore the more melodic and softer side of music, and this is a prime example. It’s not that they get worse, they simply change. If you can’t hack that, or can’t keep up with it, well you’ve only failed yourself in that you can’t learn to like something that others have no problem with. As a major Staind fan, I feel for what you’re missing out on.Moving along, I think this album is an awsome step in Aaron’s progress as an emotional singer… we all knew he sung from the heart, what torment started, and what btc continued in an even better form, yet this album still manages to build up the emotional connection between the lyricist and the listener. The lyrics are clearer and deeper, not as cryptic or as murky (can’t believe, suffer) and I truly think they’re easier to reach for us fans.And for that person who said that this album is soft … well, you liked btc, didn’t you? I bet you loved epiphany and outside, hell, even it’s been a while was based on soft undertone melodies. I think it’s wrong to dismiss the new soft songs so quickly simply because they expanded on a winnning formula… but oh well, those who don’t like it won’t like it, there will always be people like that.Also it’s obvious that the band worked incredibly hard on this release, they had so much to live up to… As a true fan of staind I respect their hard work and will stand by them, even when they do release a bad album.

    Posted on February 7, 2010