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14 Shades of Grey

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  • Staind has yet to let me down. This time they took a much softer approach to their music. Many people say it is too soft, but i think it is almost as good as Break the Cycle, but not quite. Here are some rankings for each of their songs.1. Price to Play(5/5)- I heard this song on the radio and knew I had to pick up this CD2. How About You(4/5)- This is a slower song that has a good beat and a good rythym so you can really get into this song3.So Far Away(4/5)- This song was released and I was happy. It is a very good song.4.Yesterday(4.5/5)- First song with cussing, but that makes it good.5. Fray(4/5)- A all around good song6. Sweet Zoe Jane(5/5)- First true slow song on the CD. It is a very good song that can be put on repeat and never get old7. Fill Me UP(4/5)- a good song with good opening music.8. Layne(3/5)- One of my least favorites on the CDThis is the best part of the CD. #9-149. Falling Down(5/5)- MY FAVORITE SONG ON THE CD…PERIOD10. Reality(5/5)- This song is down right kick-@$$. The chourus is hard to imagine the lung capacity of Aaron Lewis. Try to sing it like he does.11. Tonight(5/5)- Great song12. Could It Be(5/5)- Great song about being youself. Sounds sappy but once you hear it you willchange your mind.13. Blow Away(4/5)-Good song14. Intro(5/5)- In this song Aaron thanks his family for putting up with him. He also critisizes people for underestimated his band. Does this title hint the next CD?

    Posted on February 7, 2010