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  • Buckcherry has always been a band that hasn’t disappointed me in terms of what to expect from them, which is a mix of hard edged riffs and good ‘ol fashioned rock. “15″ doesn’t deviate from the band’s track record of enjoyable hard rocking, as singer Josh Todd and co. prove their worth even more so. “So Far”, “Next 2 You”, “Out of Line”, “Crazy Bitch”, and “Brooklyn” are spectacular, along with “Carousel” and “Sorry” showcasing a softer side as well. Although there is a bit of predictability to be found within the tracks featured on “15″, that doesn’t make the album any less enjoyable. Though there are new faces in Buckcherry these days, the band hasn’t missed a beat whatsoever. All in all, “15″ proves that Buckcherry and their brand of good ‘ol hard rock is here to stay, and we should all be thankfull for that.

    Posted on December 11, 2009