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  • I agree with the last reviewer as it is good to see a rock band throwing it down again 80’s/early 90’s style. I tend to think of this as heavy ‘Black Crowes’ with some ‘Smith thrown in. The opening track ‘So Far’ is worth the disc price alone. Love it. But you get ‘Crazy Bitch’, ‘Everything’, ‘Next to You’, ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Broken Glass’ as well. great, driving rock tracks. There are the couple ‘ballads’ that are a bit sappy and a couple throw-outs. But even GnR’s Appetite had some throw outs.

    This is a good,if not great record and should have been a hit, nice to see that it was.. Its also good to see that after almost 3 years, this CD is still selling and getting airplay. At least it is new ROCK not Classic rock. Slowly selling over a million copies and still in the top 100. These days nothing sticks for more than 90 days, so they are doing it right. Good music can still sell to the masses. Not much technicality just good songs.

    Great pick for any Rock fan who misses some old school beer drinking tunes. Surely to be a bar favorite. Even a couple soft tracks for the ladies.

    Posted on December 11, 2009