Well ok Here goes. I’m 16 years old and gay. And I’m completely in love with my best friend. He knows I’m gay and all and he has told me is straight. But I cant just get over him.During March he had spent the night at my house and well he let me rub his chest,stroke his hair, and well he kind of let me Have oral with him. I’ve told him I loved him twice already but he usually says hes sorry but hes straight. Recently he had a problem with his girlfriend of maybe 3-4 Years. all I heard was it was about him saying something along the lines of “Im curious and I want to explore my Curiosity before we go further” or something like that. Well they broke up for like 3-4 days but then started flirting with each other again. But I didn’t really know they were going through an issue and I kind of asked him if he would ever go further with me and he said something along the lines of ” I dont want to be rude but I want my first time to be with some girl”. and after that he really hasnt talked to me.Also I heard that he still is having problems with his Girlfriend. He says there kind of not together but he still flirts with her and he says he wants to be with her. I kind of cant deal with this anymore. I just want to know what to do. I cant really get over him because i REALLY REALLY love him.Is there anything I can do at all?