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  • Motorhead was big in Europe throughout the late 70’s and 80’s but did not make much of a dent here in the U.S. Even their seminal early 80’s album “Ace Of Spades” never charted on this side of the pond. By the end of the decade though, Motorhead had developed a solid cult following in the States, and “1916″ would prove to be the band’s highest charting album up until their current resurgence in 2008. The single “I’m So Bad Baby I Don’t Care” even managed to get some airplay on American rock radio. The album also features several songs that have become concert staples (“One To Sing The Blues”, and “Going To Brazil”) over the years. This is really kind of a unique album for Motorhead as they move out of their hard rock comfort zone here and there, dabbling in electronics and keyboards with “Nightmare / The Dreamtime”, and of all things a ballad about a soldier in WWI with the title track “1916″. In fact it is this track that really sets this album apart. Lemmy actually sings on this one, (instead of his usual growl) and it is a great little portrait of the horrors of war. Other highlights include “No Voices In The Sky”, “Angel City” and “Love Me Forever” with a killer guitar solo from Phil Campbell. My only complaint about this album is the recording. Sonically this thing sounds like it was recorded in a tin can. There is very little bottom end and listening to this on a good stereo system can really be distracting. Other than that I think this is one of the band’s best studio efforts. If you are a fan of Motorhead, this one should be in your collection, but it could use a good remastering.

    Posted on December 16, 2009