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1919 Eternal

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  • A good run of the mill metal album, with a few standouts – and they do stand out. ‘Bridge To Cross’ is a beautiful song with a suberb solo, and ‘Bleed For Me’ is good also. However, the vocals are sometimes perhaps below standard, and I’d easily reccomend ‘The Blessed Hellride’ over this, but if you like rock and like Zakk Wyldes stuff with Ozzy then buy this album for ‘Bridge to Cross’ alone.

    However, for people who aren’t Z.W devotees, the shredding may get annoying after a while – this is something he’s improved with newer stuff – the solo’s have feeling in them, not just speed. Recommended, but don’t expect a masterpiece. I am suprised to read that BLS fans like this album the best – possibly because it is more metal-head orientated and not as mainstream.

    Posted on January 6, 2010