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1919 Eternal

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  • Zakk sinks his teeth in once again on 1919 Eternal! 1919 has a much more polished sound than the previous two BLS offerings giving it a much better dynamic feel without losing the edginess of prior BLS work. His guitar work on this disc is probably more reminiscent of his Ozzy work than prior BLS. The sound and overall “feel” may give it enough ‘radio-friendly’ feel for former hard rock/metal stations that are now close minded rap with a guitarist stations. This disc shreds into action with the opening track, Bleed For Me (start requesting it on your local stations SDMF’s!!) and continues a great thick heavy groove through much of the disc. The exceptions are Bridge to Cross; showcasing Zakk’s mind blowing ability to write incredible, melodic ballads. Speedball; an instrumental reminiscent of T.A.Z. Lost Heaven; another excellent ballad. Finally the CD ends with a very warm, well done version of America The Beautiful that even your mother would love. ;) Zakk I think has mastered another excellent disc, possibly his best metal disc to date. P&G and BoS are still two of my favorite CDs by far from any artist but this CD will be in rotation for a long time to come. Finally someone has released a CD that lives up to metal tradition.

    Posted on January 6, 2010