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1919 Eternal

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  • I will start by saying I was more disappointed with the fact that Zakk Wylde was not permitted to write for Ozzy’s recent “Down to Earth” album because it wouldn’t have been commercial enough, so I was anxious to hear the new BLS album. While its not as brutal and staggering as “Stronger Than Death”, “1919 Eternal” has a lot going for it. Opening track “Bleed For Me” screams radio single, boasting Zakk’s trademark growl and a catchy opening riff followed by a blazing solo. “Life, Birth, Blood, Doom” is an album highlight, featuring the longest solo on the album. However, songs like “Battering Ram”, “Demise of Sanity”, and “Graveyard Disciples” sound like these songs were written for Ozzy, I mean the way Zakk sings them you can imagine Ozzy singing them, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. The album closer is Zakk’s rendition of “America the Beautiful”, a touching acoustic tribute to our country and those who died on September 11th. All in all, “1919 Eternal” may not be Zakk’s best work, but to say that its worth a look is an understatement.

    Posted on January 6, 2010