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Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. 2008.1984 was a successful record not only because it contained solid, catchy hard rock, but also because it incorporated synthesizers into the mix, the first metal album to do so to any serious extent. Although the advances in electronic music make this material sound dated now, it’s still a highlight of Van Halen’s career. Songs like ”Jump” contain a pop element that gave 1984 mainstream appeal, and David Lee Roth turned the frontman role into an art form on songs such as ”Panama,” ”Hot for Teacher,” ”Drop Dead Legs,” and ”I’ll Wait.” To a large extent, it was 1984 that set the standard for ’80s pop metal, and David Lee Roth who set the standard (or takes the blame, depending on your point of view) for the aggressively good-time attitude most pop-metal bands took for their own. –Genevieve Williams

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  • 1984 was the year for Van Halen to release such a magnificent collection of recordings. This entire album is full of hits from Hot For The Teacher, and Panama, Jump, I’ll Wait. If you really love Van Halen then this warner Remasters series would soothe you by all means. Their is a really cool jam titled Drop Dead Legs which I just think is the coolest guitar song from my point of view including a great guitar solo from the great Edward Van Halen. Alex Van Halen plays a great drum intro on Hot For The Teacher, and Michael Anthony lays a great bass rythem including backing vocals very good for such a great band. I think Van Halen was the best with the vocals with David Lee Roth would truely made VAN HALEN be themselves in many ways. Without David Lee Roth their would be no 1984!!!!Now dont get mad about that because everyone knows Edward Van Halen is the most known and I know he is the best member. Anyways im going to stop rambling and just say this is really a great album no matter what the reviews say this album 1984 is the best!!!!

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I was nineteen years old and sophomore in college when this album came out. It blew me away then, and still does today. Twenty years have gone by, but they absolutely do not cut them like this anymore — there is no comparison! You take this trash off the shelves today that they shove down your throats and compare it to this album and it blows you away. Panama, Jump, I’ll Wait, Hot For Teacher, Girl Gone Bad, these guys were absolutely genius. I remember seeing (Rothized) Van Halen in concert in Pullman, Washington during their “final” tour, — I was absolutely floored, blown-away, you name it, it was amazing! Twenty years have gone by, I listen to all types of music today: jazz, classical, country, but after a few stiff ones, I come back to these fellas and this album. The genius of Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth, they wrote the book on “American” hard rock and no one since has even come close. I think back to those years gone by and thank the lucky stars above — I was at the perfect age when this album came out. Do yourself one helluva favor and listen to it (you’ll wonder what planet you’ve been on). Now Noah, where to put that hammerhead shark?!

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  • 1984 marks the last of Van Halen’s 5 star albums .. Also the last studio album with David Lee Roth.

    1.1984-A keyboard instrumental. Not one of the bands best IMO. 3/5

    2.Jump-The bands biggest chart hit. Not really one of my favorites other than the solo of course, but it’s hard to deny the impact it had for years. 4/5

    3.Panama-Another one of the bands most popular songs. This one of the more hard pop rock songs the band did. 5/5

    4.Top Jimmy-One of the most underrated Van Halen songs IMO. It’s a hard rock song with some hints at pop rock with it’s hooks. This one is probably my favorite.5/5

    5.Just a tad below Top Jimmy. A underrated cut here. Really long solo at the end. 4/5

    6.Hot For Teacher-Probably the band at it’s best right here. This one flirts into metal.5/5

    7.I’ll Wait-This is the band at it’s most pop. Atleast in the DLR era. It’s a ballad filled with keyboards and a restrained but good solo. This shows the band can do what alot of bands can’t.. Make a good keyboard filled song. 5/5

    8.Girl Gone Bad-This is the band returning to more of it’s hard rock roots. Very little pop here. Good solo’s as the comes and goes in the song. 5/5

    9.House of Pain-Not one of my favorites, but it’s probably the hardest rocking song on the album. 3/5

    You might ask how this album can get 5 stars with 4 of the 9 songs getting below 5 stars. The fact is that even the lower rating stuff is good, and all the great songs are just that good.

    This is IMO the band finally getting to where it wanted to go. They spent albums going back and forth below hard rock and more pop rock type of albums… But the band puts together it’s album with both hard rocking tunes and big pop hits. This is where Dave and Ed finally meet in the middle.

    It’s actually my 3rd favorite album behind Van Halen and Fair Warning.

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Van Halen’s last, and one of the best albums done with Diamond Dave. While the hit ‘Jump’, and MTV staples ‘Hot for Teacher’ and ‘Panama’ may have sold this album already, check out the over-looked rockers ‘House of Pain’ and ‘Girl Gone Ban’. The solos on ‘Drop Dead Legs’ and ‘I’ll Wait’ are Eddie at his best. No need for the skip button on this album.

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album was the last one that David Lee Roth recorded with Van Halen and he definitely left on a high note. This is a very fun album, with the classic feel-good song “Jump.” This song seems to have set the tone for a lot of bands in the years following. “Panama” is one of Van Halen’s most beloved songs and can still be heard often on the radio. “Top Jimmy” is one of my favorite songs ever by Van Halen. It’s a great country/blues number that is one of their best foot-stompers. “Hot For Teacher” is another highlight, with it’s great intro and fast, furious playing. You can tell they probably had a lot of fun doing this one, including the video for the song. Every song is cool on this one and if you’ve never heard this before, this is essential 80’s hard rock that you should definitely check out. If you’re already a Van Halen fan, make sure that this is in your collection!

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now