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  • 1984 marks the last of Van Halen’s 5 star albums .. Also the last studio album with David Lee Roth.

    1.1984-A keyboard instrumental. Not one of the bands best IMO. 3/5

    2.Jump-The bands biggest chart hit. Not really one of my favorites other than the solo of course, but it’s hard to deny the impact it had for years. 4/5

    3.Panama-Another one of the bands most popular songs. This one of the more hard pop rock songs the band did. 5/5

    4.Top Jimmy-One of the most underrated Van Halen songs IMO. It’s a hard rock song with some hints at pop rock with it’s hooks. This one is probably my favorite.5/5

    5.Just a tad below Top Jimmy. A underrated cut here. Really long solo at the end. 4/5

    6.Hot For Teacher-Probably the band at it’s best right here. This one flirts into metal.5/5

    7.I’ll Wait-This is the band at it’s most pop. Atleast in the DLR era. It’s a ballad filled with keyboards and a restrained but good solo. This shows the band can do what alot of bands can’t.. Make a good keyboard filled song. 5/5

    8.Girl Gone Bad-This is the band returning to more of it’s hard rock roots. Very little pop here. Good solo’s as the comes and goes in the song. 5/5

    9.House of Pain-Not one of my favorites, but it’s probably the hardest rocking song on the album. 3/5

    You might ask how this album can get 5 stars with 4 of the 9 songs getting below 5 stars. The fact is that even the lower rating stuff is good, and all the great songs are just that good.

    This is IMO the band finally getting to where it wanted to go. They spent albums going back and forth below hard rock and more pop rock type of albums… But the band puts together it’s album with both hard rocking tunes and big pop hits. This is where Dave and Ed finally meet in the middle.

    It’s actually my 3rd favorite album behind Van Halen and Fair Warning.

    Posted on December 15, 2009