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  • I was nineteen years old and sophomore in college when this album came out. It blew me away then, and still does today. Twenty years have gone by, but they absolutely do not cut them like this anymore — there is no comparison! You take this trash off the shelves today that they shove down your throats and compare it to this album and it blows you away. Panama, Jump, I’ll Wait, Hot For Teacher, Girl Gone Bad, these guys were absolutely genius. I remember seeing (Rothized) Van Halen in concert in Pullman, Washington during their “final” tour, — I was absolutely floored, blown-away, you name it, it was amazing! Twenty years have gone by, I listen to all types of music today: jazz, classical, country, but after a few stiff ones, I come back to these fellas and this album. The genius of Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth, they wrote the book on “American” hard rock and no one since has even come close. I think back to those years gone by and thank the lucky stars above — I was at the perfect age when this album came out. Do yourself one helluva favor and listen to it (you’ll wonder what planet you’ve been on). Now Noah, where to put that hammerhead shark?!

    Posted on December 15, 2009