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  • 1984 was the year for Van Halen to release such a magnificent collection of recordings. This entire album is full of hits from Hot For The Teacher, and Panama, Jump, I’ll Wait. If you really love Van Halen then this warner Remasters series would soothe you by all means. Their is a really cool jam titled Drop Dead Legs which I just think is the coolest guitar song from my point of view including a great guitar solo from the great Edward Van Halen. Alex Van Halen plays a great drum intro on Hot For The Teacher, and Michael Anthony lays a great bass rythem including backing vocals very good for such a great band. I think Van Halen was the best with the vocals with David Lee Roth would truely made VAN HALEN be themselves in many ways. Without David Lee Roth their would be no 1984!!!!Now dont get mad about that because everyone knows Edward Van Halen is the most known and I know he is the best member. Anyways im going to stop rambling and just say this is really a great album no matter what the reviews say this album 1984 is the best!!!!

    Posted on December 15, 2009