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1996-2006 The Singles

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  • You wouldn’t have expected any less, would you? Staind have officially been around for ten years. Five albums into their career, four of which are full of memorable hits, it makes sense that Staind are putting out a “Singles” collection. It also makes sense because like Cold, Nonpoint, Taproot and P.O.D. before them, Staind are apparently severing ties with their record label, Atlantic. What a perfect escape route!

    Sounds Like: A contractual obligation.

    The Good:
    - Well, it’s Staind and so long as you’re a fan, these songs will always be good.
    - Even if you own all the albums, there are more than a few extras thrown your way. In addition to the Family Values 1999 version of “Outside” replacing the rather bland studio version, there are also four live and acoustic tracks (three of which are covers!)

    The Bad:
    - The omission of “Just Go” (why do they always ignore that song?), “Fade” and “How About You.”

    Hits: Well, they’re all hits, but for the fans, the acoustic numbers are where it’s at. “Nutshell,” an Alice In Chains cover, stands far and above the rest. There have been many bands performing this song in the past (I have recordings of Seether, Cold, Shinedown and Adema doing it) but no one has done it as beautifully and effortlessly as Aaron Lewis and company. “Sober” and “Comfortably Numb,” Tool and Pink Floyd covers respectively, are great as well, in addition to the acoustic rendition of “Everything Changes.” Hell, they even threw in a souped up version of “Come Again” from their 1996 indie album, “Tormented,” in case you don’t own it already.

    Misses: Just the songs they left off.

    Personally: I’ve been a Staind fan since “Dysfunction” and this collection does the band justice. I can forgive what they left out mainly because I own all that stuff already and because the unreleased material is worth the while. Few bands are as good with “Greatest Hits” as Staind are with this one. Highly recommended.

    Best Listened To When: Ending a relationship with a record label.

    Posted on December 23, 2009