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  • The excellence of this CD sneaks up on you. On first listen, you think, “Hey, this is a pretty cool CD!” You listen again and you wonder why these tunes are still running through your head more than 4 hours later. Next few listens, you’re thinking, “These guys are musical geniuses! Listen to that intricate drumming! That bass! Those soaring, emotional guitar solos! Listen to the way they all meld together into one of sickest, most infectious jams I’ve ever heard!”

    Next, you realize it’s been 6 months and you STILL haven’t taken the CD out of your car’s player.

    Next you’re seeking professional help for your Jelly Jam addiction.

    Needless to say, this is a standout rock album. After their first CD (also a stellar effort of equal caliber) I expected nothing less. But what we have on Jelly Jam 2 is even more than I was expecting!

    If you like creative, intricate, melodic rock that leans toward heavy but not hard core, you’ll LOVE this CD. If you’re a rock musician, you’ll LOVE this CD. If you like the Beatles, King’s X, Dream Theater, or anything sounding like a mixture of anything in-between…

    Say it with me: You’ll LOVE this CD.

    You know what? You’ll just LOVE this CD.

    Posted on December 3, 2009