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20th Century Masters: The Best Of Steppenwolf (Millennium Collection)

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The 20th Century Masters series is the best-selling single-artist line in music history and is being re-released by Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) in its ground-breaking, environmentally-friendly packaging format. A first for the music industry, the standard package (both sleeve and tray) will be completely paper-recyclable, continuing the company’s long-standing commitment to being ”green.”To further reduce the amount of paper in the Eco-Pack, the CD booklet will no longer be offered. Official liner notes are easily accessible on the Internet at is the first North American music company to replace the traditional jewel case with recycled paperboard sleeves and the plastic tray with trays made from PaperFoam®, a new packaging technology from Shorewood Packaging, a business of International Paper, that is paper-recyclable and biodegradable. Shorewood Packaging is the first North American packaging supplier to produce disc trays from PaperFoam®.Steppenwolf earned its place in the rock pantheon thanks to ”Born to Be Wild,” the deathless classic immortalized in the 1969 counterculture flick Easy Rider. But there was more to John Kay & Co. than a theme song for motorcycle rallies. Steppenwolf also offered social commentary in the form of ”Snowblind Friend” and ”The Pusher,” prime psychedelia (”Magic Carpet Ride”), and plenty of good-time hard rock (”Hey Lawdy Mama,” ”Rock Me”). In some ways, they were the thinking person’s hard rock band (a specialty niche, to be sure, with Kay’s band taking their name, after all, from a Hermann Hesse novel). Alas, like so many examples of MCA’s 20th Century Masters collection, this Steppenwolf set contains some fine music, but is inferior to a previous package–1999’s All-Time Greatest Hits, which offers many more tracks for just a couple more bucks. –Daniel Durchholz

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  • This was the first Steppenwolf album I bought, and it really got me hooked. On long drives between college and home I just pop this in and let it run. It really got me hooked on John Kay, and I’m slowly amassing more stuff. Beat Goes On put out a couple of good double albums that are worth looking for too, one with Steppenwolf/Steppenwolf The Second and another with At Your Birthday Party/Steppenwolf 7. I am very happy with this CD! There isn’t a weak track on it, and for introduction purposes it’s right on.

    Posted on December 21, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I must admit, this is a pretty good collection, but you’ll only be truly satisfied if you’re a casual fan of Steppenwolf. Otherwise, buy the British import “The Very Best of Steppenwolf” or their entire collection.

    Posted on December 21, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This ten track collection of some of Steppenwolf’s best is among one of my favorite cds. My favorites include Born to be Wild and the psychadelic soul of Magic Carpet Ride. I may only be a teenager, but nowadays when the pointless drivle churned out by modern artists I always have my favorite music to turn to from the 1960’s.

    Posted on December 20, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Let’s keep this brief. Five stars for the music. Three stars for the value. Months after this Millennium release, MCA put out All Time Greatest Hits. Eighteen songs–including the two hits (“Monster” and “Straight Shootin’ Woman”) not found here. Your music library should have some Steppenwolf in it–but this one ain’t it.

    Posted on December 20, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • There is a reason that the sixties rock group Steppenwolf still sells so strongly some thirty years after their arrival on the sixties rock scenes with a quick succession of powerful heavy rock hits like “Magic Carpet Ride” and “Born To Be Wild”. I’ve always admired lead vocalist John Kay’s singing style, songwriting and lyrical talents, and his outspoken personal warnings against the dangers of drug excess with songs like “The Pusher” and “Snowblind Friend”. He was anti-drug when it was anything but fashionable to so cautious and careful. And Kay also knew his way around a melody, and whether he was making insightful social commentary in a number of songs like “Monster” and “Draft Resister” or just plain old wailing in terrific, edgy songs like “Never Too Late (To Start All Over Again)” or “Twenty Eight”, he used the combination of his lovely lyrics, driving melodies, and wild rock improvisation to create a whole rafter of memorable, insightful and very appealing rock songs. Most of them are here, and those that aren’t you can find in their other albums. Steppenwolf quickly earned the undying support and admiration of their original fans, and are finding new listeners through terrific compilation albums like this must-own collection of their hits. Enjoy

    Posted on December 20, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now