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20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Humble Pie

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  • I was pleased that the Cd started with the band’s first UK hit single , “Natural Born Woman” .This is essential blues music for me , being a classic rock fan , and no blues purist.The band used the best of both: Progressive Blues , integrated with the modern -for-the-time Rhythm and Blues Rock that was known at the time as “Rock”. “Big Black Dog” is the rarity – previously only released as a B side vinyl single in Europe and non-U.S. countries.It stands with the rest of the repertoire strongly.”Stone Cold Fever” is likely their strongest number , featuring Steve Marriott’s feverishly electrifying vocals( clearly one of the best male vocalists of the century) and tasteful harmonica. Peter Frampton’s lead guitar is one of the most original and unique stylings from the 70’s on this song- a mixture of Wes Montgomery style Jazz and Claptonesque Blues.”Rolling Stone” is an equal performance both of them .The rest of the album is a wise selection of Hits and Covers, like “Black Coffee”( Ike and Tina Turner), “I Don’t Need No Doctor”( Ashford and Sompson), and “Ninety Nine Pounds”(D. Bryant).Bassist/ Vocalist Greg Ridley is one of the best Bassists in the feild , who always played it like a real bass – soul music style.His roots were obviously , like Steve , deep in Mowtown and Stax.His vocals are a treat , a growly and manly personna that was a perfect foil for Marriott’s over-the-top-too-soul-to-be-white charisma.The arrangements were original and entertaining – often a verse each from Marriot, Ridley and Frampton ( “Shine On” featuring Peter)The collection wouldn’t reflect the demeanor of the band if it didn’t include the Live numbers, Like “…Doctor”, and for 12 songs, I will say this is a good testimony of the band for those too young to have known them before and old fans alike.

    Posted on November 13, 2009