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  • Again, like many of the posters here, I first heard this while in my early teens, bought the vinyl, became total Rush convert, etc. True to form, I fancied myself quite the little geek rock intellectual because of this band, and especially because of this record. But sometime in my late teens, Rush’s appeal began to slip away from me, until I reached my present state: total bewilderment for the devotion shown to this turkey of a record. While I confess that I put this album (much to my eternal shame, I still carry the vinyl around with me, as a sort of penance to my teen-aged pretentiousness) on about once a year or so, it’s now for entirely different reason: it’s a fountainhead (!) of unintentional humor. From the joint inhalation sound on the smarmy, pro-drug “Passage To Bangkok”, to the quotation from Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” on what sounds like an overdriven banjo, to lyrics influenced by the pseudo-intellectual ramblings of Ayn Rand, and, of course, Geddy’s whiny, petulant voice, this is the pinnacle of bad 1970s music. Grudgingly, I’ll admit that these guys are generally good musicians, but the minor matter of taste doesn’t factor into the equation for “2112″ whatsoever. (No, complex music does not necessarily equate to good music…not that the tunes are earth-shattering elaborate.) You can bandy words around like “integrity” and “conviction” until you’re blue in the face, but objectively, this record’s a stinker, folks.

    Posted on March 17, 2010