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  • Amid the laughable radio offerings of the late 70’s (disco, soft rock, and bad new wave groups) Rush stood out. “2112″ is a great album by an innovative power trio slamming out great tunes.

    Alex, Geddy and Neil have a chemistry that you can feel during the galloping riff of the rocking title track. They know what to play and when to play it, perfectly complementing each other. This twenty-minute song changes from blazing rips to mellow guitar work, with waterfall sound effects in the background, and it never loses steam. The awesome rhythm and lead guitar work, heavy growling bass lines, and otherworld drumming makes this one of my favorite Rush tunes. “A Passage To Bangkok” is another rocking tune with goofy lyrics about weed, which seemed a lot cooler back in the day. “The Twilight Zone” is a sort of commercial sounding happy tune, but the guitar picking during the chorus is eerie – nice contrast. “Lessons” is another upbeat tune similar to something heard on “Caress of Steel”, another great disc by the way. The ballad “Tears” (keyboards played by graphic designer, Hugh Syme) is a bit weak but not a bad. However, “Something for Nothing” closes out the disc in grand fashion.

    The only possible negative about Rush is many people don’t like the nasal whiny vocals of Geddy Lee. I never noticed this since I was too focused on the musicianship, but his singing seems to have improved with age. I doubt people will listen to this in 2112 and find it as exciting as it seemed in 1976, but musicians (if they still exist) will surely acknowledge the incredible talents of Lee, Lifeson, and Peart.

    Posted on February 13, 2010