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  • Rush is either a band people love or hate. There’s no middle ground with them, and 2112 is a perfect example of this. For Rush fans, this is the zenith. Well, not so much the album as a whole, but the title track. Over the years, 2112, along with the cover art, has come to symbolize freedom and the triumph of the individual. To critics and nonfans, the band represents the ills of prog rock, with its epic, often pompous, song structure and fantasy/sci-fi themes. I agree with them about most of the progressive rock bands, but not about Rush. Peart’s writing always had emotion in it and at times could be as close to poetry as rock lyrics have come. 2112 is where the band first blendid Peart’s lyrics with dynamic music. The album, as a whole, isn’t great. It’s good, but not great. The title track, however, IS the album’s centerpiece and lifts the album to four stars and perhaps even higher. It is that good. Inspired by Ayn Rand’s novella Anthem, the song tells the story of a futuristic hero who discovers a guitar and leads a revolution through music against a cold “We” society. The idea sounds pompous, but it works here, and that’s an understatement. It’s hard to pick a highlight in a song filled with so many great moments, but for me it is The Discovery. Set against the sound of a sofly running waterfall, Alex Lifeson’s beautiful guitar work combines with Peart’s lyrics to portray the wonderous feeling of what it’s like to pick up a guitar and play. I know every note of this song by heart, and I always play this song every time I pick up my guitar. It captures the spirit and purpose of music, as does the rest of the song. Get this album! 2112 has given me more positive memories than any other album and embodies the freedom of music and thought.

    Posted on February 13, 2010