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  • I bought this album back in ‘91 after seeing the video for ‘Surrounded By Idiots’. And what a funny video that was. I was completly blown away when I popped this into my car. This album was the most original, inspiring, creative music at the time. Brad Divens(bass/vocals) sounded a bit like James Hetfield.
    But the music was so far away from anything that Metallica produced at the time.Great production every song is fantastic……I really can’t think of a track that I don’t like. Each song burns with an intensity and direction I really never heard from an American band before especially on a softmore effort. The riffs are so sick,heavy and original( I can go on and on). The drumming is fantastic and intricate(way to go Shannon Larkin).The lyrics are funny and well written. Nothing sounded like this at the time and nothing still does…………a real fun album to listen to.
    One word that comes to mind is variety and in the world of metal(especially back then) that was hard to come by. Their first album ‘Climbing The Walls’(3 Stars)sucked compare to this gem. The production was horrible and the songs lacked any bit of direction. They took a huge leap forward on this one and it really shows… is undeniable how awesome this cd still is.
    They would later go on to change their name, record company and style in ‘93.But this album stands the test of time…….still just as fresh now as it was in 1991.

    Posted on December 30, 2009