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  • Glad to see this album recieving a modicum of its just deserts almost 20 years later — it still rocks! Every track is strong as the band flows through, and sometimes shifts musical dimensions at breakneck speed. Definitely in a metal framework indicative of the times (metallica/whatever), but wildly original — coalescing hardcore punk, rock and roll, speed metal, country, reggae and everything else into terrific arrangements topped with great lyrics (which i believe were written collaberatively by the drummer and singer?). Espoused in the title track, “Why must people categorize and live the propaganda lies? I’ve learned not to believe the hype, just go with the urge to create.”
    I first saw Wrathchild America opening for Pantera in a small theatre. Great show overall, but I came home with the “Surrounded by Idiots” T-shirt not the “Vulgar Display of Power”, because Wrathchild hit me on so many more levels than Pantera. I haven’t heard this record in five years and the songs are still ringing clearly in my head. Unfortunately, this band was too late — there was a time in the 70’s when you could be a great band and get recognized without all the MTV hype and the flavor-of-the-week mentality at the major labels. But they never got that chance: The band name was lame (much more appropriate for a british poof band), the first album was mostly uninspired (probably a critical albatross), and they weren’t easy to package into a specific market.
    I don’t take the time to do many reviews here, but this album is really worth its salt. The production and mode will sound somewhat dated to a modern listener, but the material on the record and the soul of this band are timeless. Now’s the time!

    Posted on December 31, 2009