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  • I’ve had this CD for about 10 years now. The music is dated just a bit, but back in the day.. it was on a par with most HM bands. The only problem was, it was never really put out there to the general public. I hear a few bands mixed in with their sound.. but to me, they are not blatantly copying anybody. I especially like how they employ a good bit of beat changes.

    You might wonder why I’m writing this review.. almost 16 years post production. Well, a co-worker borrowed about 25 of my CD’s.. and gave them all back to me (which is a good thing).. but since lending them to him, I filled in a few slots in my CD jukebox. When push came to shove, I had to make a decision.. Wrathchild America or 1 of 2 Stone Temple Pilot CD’s. I settled on Wrathchild America over both STP’s.

    I have seen the references to Metallica, but quite frankly, everyone out there around the early 90’s, was compared to Metallica.. but comparisons shouldnt diminish how good this CD is. If you ever have a chance to pick it up, just remember to give it a chance.

    Posted on December 31, 2009