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3 Doors Down

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  • I agree that Three Doors Down’s latest album is easily their strongest collection since The Better Life. I found Away from the Sun and Seventeen Days to be too dramatic and filled with self pity. But each new song in this one is a highlight. If you decide to buy it, get it at Best Buy which includes 2 bonus tracks -”Feet in the Water” and “Who Are You.”

    Posted on February 11, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • …I guess I should start off by saying that I’m a huge 3dd fan. They, along with the goo goo dolls and nickelback, are my favorite rock band. The Better Life was a great cd. Away From The Sun was even better, a classic IMHO. Then came Seventeen Days. At first, I was *slightly* disappointed. The singles were gold, but the rest was a little lackluster. After a few spins, though, it grew on me and became a worthwhile addition to my 3dd collection.

    Flash forward 2 1/2-3 years later. 3 Doors Down release their self-titled record, and I’m in line to get it the day it comes out. Pop it in my cd player, and…disappointment.

    I can’t say I was thrilled with the single citizen/solider, nor was I with It’s Not My Time, but I was definatly hoping for something more from the rest of the songs. One after another played, and all I could think of was how high my expectations for this new record were. Maybe too high? Perhaps, because after a couple of spins, I’m convinced this is their worst record to date. It certainly isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but given what this band has done in the past, it isn’t what I’d expected either.

    Those looking for another album in the vein of Away From The Sun will be sorely disappointed, although I’m sure there are plenty of people who will enjoy this record too. For now though, I’ll toss it aside, pop in Away From The Sun or The Better Life, and vibe.

    (The best buy version features two bonus tracks; Feet In The Water and Who Are You. Both are listenable and go well with the rest of the record)

    Posted on February 10, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • 3 Doors Down created a great CD this time around. There isn’t a weak track on this album. Many tracks follow the message of “It’s not my time”. “It’s The Only One You’ve Got” is about living consciously and not giving up. “Pages” illustrates the intimacy of what artist put on the page and the longing for others to relate.

    3 Doors Down is my “go to” album when I do cardio at the gym because of the fast paced beat and the inspirational message to never give up.

    Posted on February 10, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • 3 Doors Down have been a band I’ve followed since their breakthrough hit “Kryptonite.” I’ve always thought they’re a little underrated for their talent, though they have had a good degree of success. Two years or so following “Seventeen Days” (a disappointing album in my opinion), the band returns with their self titled album, an album quite a bit superior to their previous effort. While I’ll say right off the bat that I don’t think there is any particular song on here that is quite on the same level as my favorite songs by the band (such as “Kryptonite”, “When I’m Gone”, and “Here Without You”), overall to me this is their best album to date on a song by song basis.

    It kicks off with an album highlight, the southern fried rocker, “Train.” Lead singer Brad Arnold sings “put me on a train mama” to a background of rollicking guitar riffs. This is set to be the next single, and no doubt will be big on rock radio. “Citizen/Soldier” is a song that was released as a tribute to the National Guard last year, and was not originally planned to be on the album. It’s for sure a welcome addition though, as it ’s also an album highlight. The lyrics work wonderfully as a thank you to those who risk their lives for their country. The first main single, “It’s Not My Time” is next, and it does come the closest to capturing that pop rock magic that “When I’m Gone” and “Kryptonite” were able to achieve. Should be the biggest hit off the album, and a great song to add to their list of pop-rock crossover hits.

    The album has a slew of ballads to accompany the head bangers, consisting of “Let Me Be Myself”, “It’s the Only One You’ve Got”, “Your Arms Feel Like Home”, and “She Don’t Want the World”, which surprisingly are all some of the best songs on the album. My favorite of them would be “It’s the Only One You’ve Got”, which has probably the best lyrics of any song they’ve done to date, the chorus going: “Hide behind your walls of maybe nevers, forgetting that there’s something more than just knowing better, your mistakes do not define you now, they tell you who you’re not, you’ve got to live this life you’re given like it’s the only one you’ve got.”

    “Your Arms Feel Like Home” is a love song with hit written all over it, especially when it goes into that classic booming power ballad chorus. Brad Arnold has dubbed “Let Be Myself” his favorite off the album, and it is yet another winner with solid lyrics, although a bit repetitive. “She Don’t Want the World” is a song with a darker vibe, and it’s one of the most unique songs they’ve ever done. My personal favorite though is the rockin’ rocker, “Give It to Me.” The song has an awesome riff laden chorus, and is the song I get stuck in my head the most. This will be huge at rock radio if released. About the only song on the album I’ve yet to warm up to is “These Days”, but just skipping one song is way more than I can say for most albums.

    3 Doors down is a great progression of “The Better Life” and “Away From the Sun” albums that made me such a fan of the band. If your a 3DD fan, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. 4.5/5 Stars

    My Top 5:
    1. Give It to Me
    2. It’s Not My Time
    3. Train
    4. It’s the Only One You’ve Got
    5. Your Arms Feel Like Home

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  • Never has 3 Doors Down produced a more polished and reflective album. The first five tracks are among the strongest they’ve ever recorded. From the opening to “Train,” it becomes apparent that this album will be heavier and darker than anything previously written. The singles are solid, and there is a great mixture of slow and melodic tracks along with heavier, more fast paced rock. If you’re a 3 Doors Down fan, then this is likely the record that you’ve been waiting for!

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