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30 Seconds to Mars

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  • 30 Seconds To Mars is without a doubt the best new band I have heard for the past few years. With a futuristic twist and just the right touch of 80’s synth, these musicians have tapped into somewhat forgeign territory for the music industry. And their self-titled debut album will instantly tap into your psyche with their insightful and thought-provoking lyrics, unique and driving percussion and their delicious and addicting bass lines. Not to mention Leto’s vocals which seem to successfully grasp and express every emotion one could possibly posess. With the opening synth crescendo of “Capricorn”, you begin a journey of self-transformation, alienation, unity and sexual appetite. Thirty Seconds To Mars will take your hand and guide you through their world up until the last track, “Year Zero”. The entire album grasps your mind and senses instantly and guides you to foreign destinations and new worlds. When the album is over you find yourself as you always were, never having left where you began. But with Thirty Seconds To Mars you’ll be asking yourself ‘Or did I?’ Make one of the best purchases you can this year. Pick up a copy of 30 Seconds To Mars and let yourself go. Take the journey. Welcome To The Universe.

    Posted on January 29, 2010