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  • Ok, not bashing don or anything, but TECHNICALLY The Acacia Strain origonated from Springfield, Massachusetts, but it’s close enough to CT. My friends brother has played in a band with every member of the current band except the third guitarist, but dang, these guys are really something in concert. They’re like, a kid with ADHD high on pixy stix and caffine pills. And their first album … And Life Is Very Long blows this one out of the water, it captures their sound much better.

    The three guitarists is probably one of the most innovative and unseen setups nowadays. And to whoever was saying their guitar is too loud and it drowns out the drum and what not, go to one of their concerts, cause it really doesn’t. But, sadly, their third guitarist quit recently, so they’re back to two.

    Sun Posion and Skin Cancer is definatelly one of the best track on the CD. The begining is just beastly. The slide is just hinting at whats to come, then it breaks into a long series of complex guitar playing.

    I like halcyon because i think it’s nice to have a break from thrashing about, yet still have it be a good song.

    Drawn and quartered is one of their more technical songs. The guitar is really cool, fast, and it’s constantly changing rythym. The whole song has odd beats and starts and ends, this song is a great song on the technical side.

    Posted on December 31, 2009