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  • normally i don’t review albums…i just make lists and whatnot…but i was reading the reviews for this cd…and i had to say something. not a single person i’ve read a review from so far has said anything remotely accurate in describing this cd at all!! for starters…the one guy says they sound like korn…your first cues as to not taking him seriously is that he cites watching battle for ozzfest…a/k/a you are a poser who thinks Lamb of God and KsE are the greatest bands of all time and you need to go be trendy and wear makeup. second…there’s another comment about the screamer not being able to carry a tune…then he says that the band isn’t as good as lamb of god or burnt by the sun…neither one of those bands have screamers that sing or carry tunes and in fact, 90% of the time randy blythe is the biggest complaint ABOUT LoG…so think about what you say before you try to sound like you know what you’re talking about…the positive review i read compared this to blood has been shed and bleeding through…this is also a joke.

    Now, for someone who actually knows something about metal and hardcore to review this cd…

    as far as style goes…typical metal CT sound…a lot like Invocation of Nehek and Cannae…in fact…almost EXACTLY like a lower tuned version of Cannae…even on the same label…so if you’ve heard Cannae’s album Horror…i think it’s called…you’ve basically already heard this cd. The best songs on the cd are without question track 9 (Sun Poison And Skin Cancer) and track 3 (Smoke Ya Later). The first real song on the cd, track 2 (Brown Noise) is good too. All in all, this cd is nowhere near as good as their first release, which was actually original and a very worthwhile listen. It’s called …And Life Is Very Long (not And Life Is So Long, like the person below said). It’s not for sale on Amazon, but it’s available through Devilshead Records and you can buy copies on and, I highly recommend getting that cd. And you never know, you might actually like this one. It doesn’t blow you away…but it’s not terrible either. Produced by Adam Dutkiewicz of KsE (who also, ironically, produced Cannae’s new cd…which, as I said…sounds exactly like this one…Adam D. has a habit of making every metalcore cd he produces sound exactly the same…including KsE’s…which is why they suck now.) So get their first cd…if you want to…get this too. But don’t read the other reviews of this cd…because the people who wrote them were wearing football helmets and playing with their toes when they listened to this cd…if you catch what I mean.

    Posted on December 31, 2009