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  • When I downloaded the track “Smoke Ya Later”, by The Acacia Strain, I remember thinking about how awesome this one track sounded and how I wanted to find the CD to hear the rest. Well, I found it and I wasn’t at all impressed by this band.

    First, the guitars are very overpowering and eliminates the necessity for what is going on behind them (the drums and the bass guitar). I already know that this band has three guitarists, but if you are going to have three create a new talent and write some three part harmonies or something. Make use of a new element that you added and force others to step up. Instead, they have all three guitars play the same rhythm parts and kill the music. At times, one of the guitarists will add in some high pitched screeches with the strings to try and sound good, but it just doesn’t stack up. I would hope that, if they ever make another CD, The Acacia Strain would take something like that into consideration.

    Second, the sound is rather mediocre. The Acacia Strain sounds like every other middle of the road metalcore act, excessive heaviness across an entire CD with little to no variation in the way things are done. The distortion of their guitars and vocals just muddles things up even worse. If anything, this band was lucky this CD was allowed to go out the door with as poor an effort at recording as it was.

    A little advice to The Acacia Strain, put that third guitar to some better use. You have a unique element sitting there wasting away that could make you a stand out act. Start writing three part harmonies that will set you apart from the rest and make people take notice. Heck, if you have the ability toss in some nifty solos between the three axe grinders and really start some trouble. I think it would be worth your while.

    If you are a fan of common metalcore sound and fury, then by all means purchase this CD. I have heard many metalcore bands that are better and, for fans of all metal in general, I cannot in good conscience reccommend this CD. Instead, go after Winter Solstice’s “The Fall of Rome” or some Killswitch Engage, Darkest Hour, or The Agony Scene.

    Posted on December 31, 2009