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4-Way Diablo

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  • The Good
    “4-Way Diablo” has a simple yet effective rock riff that mixes well with Dave Wyndorf’s deep and smoky vocals. “Wall of Fire” cranks up the energy and tempo to fist pumping levels. “You’re Alive” employs a bass heavy riff and a catchy and repetitive chorus. Harmonic background vocals and devilish lead vocals make up the track “Cyclone.” The main focus on “I’m Calling You” is the lyrics and vocals. The rhythm recalls the stoner rock of the 70s. “A Thousand Stars” uses faded guitar tones mixed with trippy guitar licks. “Slap in the Face” has an intro that builds anticipation for the sweet rock groove to follow.

    The Bad
    Nothing notable

    The Verdict
    Don’t expect the programming and effects that you remember Monster Magnet for. 4-Way Diablo features a raw, stripped down version of the group which may just be the perfect niche for them after all.

    Posted on January 26, 2010