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4-Way Diablo

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  • What this Monster Magnet release has going for it: 1] Great lyrics, teeming with attitude and space rock ethos. Lyrics have always been one of Dave W’s strong suits. They certainly are on this disc. 2] Strong production, orchestration, and mixing. 4WD sounds SLICK. 3] Srong musicianship. They all shine on their instruments. The bass is a bit higher in the mix than on previous recordings and you finally get to hear just how great this guy is. 4] Dave W’s singing. They guy’s pipes are as strong as ever but the excellent production brings it out all the more. he shows off his versatility on this disc. Dave W. is no one trick pony when it comes to singing. 5] Once again MM proves that psychedelia doesn’t have to be wimpy.

    What this Monster Magnet release doesn’t have going for it: 1] The songs keep threatening to take off into 5 star territory but they never quite make it. This is no Dopes to Infinity but it gives me hope that another one of Dopes To Infinity caliber may be coming down the pike some time soon.

    Posted on January 27, 2010