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  • It’s the fourth album, with only four bandmembers left….may as well call it “4″! 1981’s “4″ was the commercial peak for Foreigner, not only becoming their best-selling album, but also one of the best-selling albums in Atlantic Records’ history. Foreigner had a lot to prove with “4,” having to bounce back from the disappointing sales of their previous album, “Head Games,” and the band itself shrinking down from a sextet to a quartet (those pesky “creative differences” were said to be the blame). But the remaining members, singer Lou Gramm, guitarist Mick Jones, bassist Rick Wills, and drummer Dennis Elliot, with the aid of some excellent studio musicians (including keyboard wiz Thomas Dolby and sax extraordinaire Junior Walker), delivered a rock classic with many hits to spare. “4″ is such an enduring Foreigner album because the songs ROCK so good and so memorably. The powerful “Juke Box Hero,” the great rock w/saxophone rave-up “Urgent,” and the gorgeous “Waiting For A Girl Like You” are all Foreigner signatures, and the band serve up more great tunes like “Break It Up,” “Luanne,” “Woman In Black” and “Girl On The Moon.” The guitars crunch, the keyboards are heavenly, Lou Gramm’s strong lead vocals are incredible, the tunes are all melodic & catchy, and the album’s production shines like a newly-waxed floor. Foreigner’s “4″ is without question the band’s masterpiece, and one of rock’s greatest albums.

    Posted on January 17, 2010