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  • In my estimation there are only a few “Classic Rock” (Pop-Rock) albums from the 80’s that are worth owning, this is one of them, I have it, and you should too. Sure, there are other good Pop-Rock albums from the 80’s, but most I can’t stomach in their entirety, as very few stand the test of time. There are no bad songs on this album, and in fact they are all excellent, and not just excellent for their time, but excellent for today. It’s now 2007 and this album from 1981 never sounds corny or shrill to me, as so many albums from the 80’s do, this album stands the test of time. I certainly think that the listenability of ‘4′ is in large part due to the fact that John “Mutt” Lange was brought in to produce the album, who is arguably the best Rock producer of all time. Yeah, I know Mick Jones was co-producer, but I have no doubt that Lange is the reason ‘4′ turned out to be the revered “Classic Rock” album it is. To date ‘4′ has sold more than six million copies in the US, which is almost as many copies sold as AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’, which Lange also produced. How can you argue with six million copies sold, this is a very good album.

    Posted on January 17, 2010