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45 Days (CD/DVD)

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  • This is Demon Hunter’s first Live DVD as well as a 90 minute documentary on the Band and their experiences on their most recent Stronger Than Hell Tour.

    On all account the Documentary is good. It has a raw feel and the Black and White does enhance the experience. It is very long and does feel like it drags a bit, but I expected that.

    While Demon Hunter claims the the documentary is meant to be the focus of 45 Days I got more out of the other two sections of the Collection. The soundtrack, coming from demon hunter is well… weird. But in a good way, its nice background music to listen to from time to time.

    The best part of this collection is without a doubt the concert. Its a brilliant performance with a lot of energy. If you like demon hunter, you should at least check out Live in Nashville (which, by the way, is now being sold separately), its a top notch performance by the band on all accounts.

    Posted on December 27, 2009