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  • This album and For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge are the best Van Hagar CD’s. The tracks were good except for the last one. Good Enough-Good start for Van Hagar. The band sounds like it has been reinvented here.Why Can’t this be Love?-Good song, even though it is a saccarine love song. THe Keyboard work was quite interesting.Get Up-Easily the hardest song on the album. Sammy really hit the high notes here. Good song to listen to when you want to get pumped up.Dreams-The best song on the album. The song is very keyboard driven but has a very lush feel. It also moves fast and deals with people aspiring to be more than they are.Summer Nights-A fun party song. It was a carefree song about meeting women and having a good time with the guys.Best of Both Worlds-A good track about enjoying your life while you can.Love Walks In-I thought this song sounded very progressive and I quite enjoyed it despite it being a saccharine love ballad.5150-Really good track, mainly dealing with the woes of winning a woman. It has a really great guitar riff opening as well as a good solo.Inside-I hate this track. While the rest of the albu is pretty good, I can’t stand this song. I always stop my CD after the 8th track so I don’t have to listen to this horrible song.Overall, a good album. THough, I thought that the sound was wierd. It had a very compressed feel.

    Posted on January 8, 2010