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  • The reviewers that slag this album seem more like David lee Roth fans than true-blue Van Halen fans. To dislike the music is one thing, but hating it just cause David Lee Roth’s not singing is absurd. And Comparing the Hagar era to the Roth years is apples to oranges! The only dud here is “Inside” though you get the impression that the boys were really enjoying themselves. Eddie’s top-notch guitar skills are evident on “Get up”, plus there’s clever boxing references thrown in. The two ballads “Dreams” and “Love walks in” are amazing. I always crank up “Summer Nights” around my birthday in June. Ideally sets the mood. The songwriting is incredible on both the title track and “Best of both worlds”.A few have complained that today 5150 Sounds dated. So what if they opted for synthesizers? That’s harsh criticism, Those were the times. Who WASN’T using ‘em at one point back then? And besides it was done so effectively it’s hard to argue with that choice.

    Posted on January 8, 2010