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7800° Fahrenheit

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  • I don’t know why people who are Bon Jovi fans put down this album in comparison to the other three that came out in the ’80s. To me, the quality of these songs is as top-notch as on any of their albums.”In And Out Of Love” is a fantastic, catchy hard rocker to lead off the album. This is the only song that got any noteriety on this album. It stands up in quality to other, better-known Bon Jovi rockers. But then comes a couple of amazingly tuneful, emotional, yet rocking anthems. “Price Of Love” and “Only Lonely” amaze me every time I hear them with their pretty yet rocking sound. I love these songs as much as anything these guys have ever done.Next comes “King Of The Mountain”, a fun hard rocker but not overly noteworthy. Following is the great power ballad “Silent Night”, which to me stands up in quality to later Bon Jovi ballads. “Tokyo Road” is impossibly tuneful and yet rocking, while “Hardest Part Is The Night” is another heartfelt, amazing anthem/power ballad.The last three tracks are also great, from the catchy anthem/rocker “Always Run To You” to the straight ahead rocker “To The Fire” to yet another amazingly melodic anthem “Secret Dreams” (try to get that song out of your head if you play this album in order and don’t play another album immediately after).The bottom line is this: the debut self-titled effort got these guys on the map and had the breakout hit “Runaway”, while the album after this one “Slippery When Wet” sold millions (rightfully so) and made these guys huge. Nonetheless, to me this album is as good as either of those efforts and any Bon Jovi album for that matter. If you like huge hooks and harmonies in your rock and roll, then you absolutely should like this album. For me, a must-have in my Bon Jovi and hard rock music collection.

    Posted on November 29, 2009