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7800° Fahrenheit

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  • This album has to be the most underrated work of Bon Jovi. The band hardly plays one song (In And Out Of Love) nowadays from this great piece of work and I’m extremely puzzled because I honestly feel this is their best album by far.Like someone else already pointed out, the intensity of the music on this album is just overwhelming. More than any other album I know (and trust me, I know a lot!) this is consistent and really needs to be listened from the beginning to the end. It is such an experience for me that I don’t even understand why it is that way. The ambient the band creates with the songs is really fantastic. For me, it is smokey, dark and a bit melancholic.One of the best things on this album are the drums. They sound just perfect, thick and loud. I don’t where Tico recorded his drum parts but it really sounds great.Richie also puts in some impressive guitar work, especially on riffs. This album is really heavy on guitars, I think.Jon is at his best using his wide vocal range at just the right moments.David is good on the keyboards, as usual, and really gives some songs that extra touch.The bass playing, however, is nothing extraordinary, but is mixed pretty well.All in all, an excellent album and I would even say Bon Jovi’s all time best.

    Posted on November 29, 2009