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  • This is their best since In The Shadows. The production is by far the best. The guitars, King’s vocals, bass and drums are superbly mixed. It kind of makes you wonder what would Don’t Break The Oath sound like if it were recorded today? This is it! Though I don’t agree with the lyrical content on most of the album, it’s just King doing his own thing, as usual. As for the band’s lineup, Michael Denner left the band in order to spend time at home. He subsequently found his own replacement in Mike Wead, whom Michael thought played very similar to his own style. Sharlee DiAngelo has been with them since ‘93, and only the drummers have constantly changed. I see it as a band that is continuing to evolve. This is definitely a must for any Fate/Diamond fan. It is definately NOT a disapointment, but a triumph for the band, giving it’s best sound so far.

    Posted on November 16, 2009