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'98 Live Meltdown

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  • Anyone that says “Live Meltdown” is awful just are not being honest with themselves: they either are bitter over Halford being replaced or refuse to admit Priest could find a replacement just a good…if not better, than Rob. Priest hasn’t sounded this tight on a live album…well, ever. The guitars are heavy as usual, Scott Travis is the best drummer Priest has ever had, and Ripper…well, what can you say about Ripper? I got goosebumps hearing some of his screams, that’s how much he sounded like Halford (check out the wail at the end of “The Ripper”). I’m as big a fan of Halford as they come, but Halford couldn’t hit most of these notes in his last days with Priest. Owens has all but resurrected Priest, and they sound as good as they ever have. If you call yourself a fan of Judas Priest, you should have this album. There is no denying it: the Priest is back.

    Posted on November 25, 2009