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A Blaze in the Northern Sky

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  • What can be said about this monumental release? Even though there are some Death Metal traces (according to drummer/lyricist Fenriz) this album is one of the most important albums in Black Metal history. Not only did it basically define True Norwegian Black Metal, it also holds up to be one of the strongest albums to date. Starting off with haunting chants and whispers, Kathaarian Life Code opens up A Blaze In The Northern Sky as a true Black Metal opus. Although some may disagree, I think this is one of the most majestic Black Metal songs to appear on record. The atmosphere of Kathaarian Life Code is very cold yet comforting, bringing you to a very relaxed state. It’s a difficult experience to describe but anyone who enjoys quality Black Metal will know what I speak of … it’s surreal and Darkthrone certainly delivers. The entire album is a testament to True Black Metal. From the mid-paced epic In The Shadow Of The Horns to the blasting Where Cold Winds Blow, this album is flawless in terms of Black Metal. I cannot go without mentioning The Pagan Winter or the fantastic title-cut since both tracks truly define the now over-crowded genre. To sum this review up, this album is a perfect album in all aspects. It defined a genre, it spawned hundreds upon hundreds of Black Metal acts as well as living up to be one of the genre’s best albums. Your collection is not complete without this album.

    Posted on November 15, 2009